Sample Framing

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This image shows "Red l" mounted on the wall using a wood frame.  The black wood frame shows how the artwork floats from the wall.  You can see the green edge of the acrylic looks amazingly like glass. 


This image shows "Silver Wave" mounted on the wall.  This photo shows the shadow effect cast on the wall by using this floating frame technique. 

This image shows "In The Red" mounted using metal "stand-off" brackets.  The panel is floated about 2" from the wall using these brackets.

This image shows "Sled" mounted to the wall using acrylic framing.  For this particular piece she extended the framing beyond the paintings edge for a special effect. 

This image shows "Tranquil" mounted to a wall using acrylic framing.  From a side view it's as if looking through a window.
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